Be The Police Supervisor

John Gray

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Be The Police Supervisor: How To Prepare For The Test And The Job by John Gray..The promotion from officer or deputy to supervisor is the hardest to earn because the transition to thinking like a supervisor is required and it is because of this change in thinking is difficult, candidates are not able to make it. Whether the promotional test is an oral board or a complex assessment center with multiple job simulations,

the top candidates will think and act like the supervisor and that is what makes this book different. Learn about ways to change your thinking.

The authors also approach the topics differently than other books on promotional testing. John Gray was a Police Chief for 12 years during a 32-year career and then developed 150 promotional tests over 8 years from detectives to Chief. He has a graduate degree in Adult Education and was on the faculty for command schools. Laurie Gray worked with over 800 candidates as a test administrator. Both are educators and trainers.

This book is also about how to prepare for the job of being a supervisor. Skills, abilities, knowledge and attributes are all woven into the narrative of how to prepare for the promotional test. If there was a textbook for a pre-supervisor’s course, this would be it. The book includes the common exercises and types of questions used at promotional processes, how scoring is done, and what the assessors are looking for. But, the authors take the subject to the next level with themes about leadership and management, principles and values, the common mistakes and what great candidates do. Learn how to weave these into your performance on test day. Their writing is direct and clear, easy to read, and the topics are illustrated with examples and key points are easily identified. At the end of each chapter, the key themes are listed for review.

The most prepared candidate often earns the top scores. Many candidates approach preparing for the test like a sprint just before the test. These candidates are often out-competed by those who have been walking a plan of career and personal development. Their confidence comes in increments as they accumulate knowledge and practice the skills that a supervisor must master. On test day, these candidates are self-assured and not overly nervous. This book provides a blue print of topics and ideas to use in your planning. The most common mistake that candidates make at the promotional test is to respond like the master officer or deputy rather than thinking, talking and acting like a supervisor. This is why veteran officers, seasoned detectives, or employees who have done a variety of assignments are out-competed by those who have made the transition to being the supervisor. Learn how to think like a supervisor, how to apply the core themes of management and leadership, how to express yourself more effectively, and how to be at the top of your game on test day.

This book distills down the useful and important skills and knowledge from years of experience of managing agencies and developing and administering 150 promotional processes into what the top candidates and successful supervisors must possess. This book may the beginning of a foundation of learning that will stay with you your whole career. 

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