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EKHO 2: Worldwide Alien Resistance by group of authors..EKHO Book Two: Worldwide Alien Resistance BULLIES BEWARE! EKHO IS HERE! Only this time...the bullies may not be human... SHOCKING NEW REVELATIONS!

It’s the start of 5th grade and the final year of elementary school and things are getting even stranger for the kids of EKHO. Enemy DEKE agents are defecting, EKHO agents are reporting more weird and inexplicable bully behavior, and there are new kids and staff at school that may not be what they seem.

Elvis discovers more links between the eerie public address system broadcasts and the sinister world of mind control. With the reluctant help of quirky science teacher Mr. Barleycorn, the kids learn about V2K or Voice to Skull technology, which allows someone to send voices and sounds into the brains of other people via remote control. It’s a race against time as the EKHO agents ramp up their missions to find, and stop, whoever is behind the V2K. Meanwhile, Elvis continues to crush on the prettiest girl at school and befriends a new student battling cancer. And there are the usual school bullies to contend with. Some things never change.

But a shocking revelation sends the kids of EKHO reeling - for there are more than just brainwashed bullies and suspicious staff members on campus to deal with. When Elvis discovers the same bizarre activity is happening at other elementary schools all over the world, he realizes it’s time to take EKHO global. Because the sinister forces behind the mind-controlled bullies are not human at all.

They are aliens!

This. Means. WAR.
Worldwide Alien Resistance.

Marie D. Jones is a best-selling author of books about the paranormal, conspiracies, science, and the unknown. She appeared on television’s “Ancient Aliens” series and on radio stations all over the world. She is also a novelist and screenwriter. Her website is www.mariedjones.com. Max Jones, Marie’s son, is a busy teenager and the inspiration behind the original E.K.H.O., which he started in 4th grade at his elementary school. They live in San Diego, California.

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