Philosophy For Our Times

C.E.M. Joad

الفلسفة والمنطق

Philosophy For Our Times by C.E.M. Joad..Contents Include: The Contemporary Situation - CRITICAL: The Doubtful Reality of the So-Called Real World. The World of Common Sense. How Far is it Real? - The World Of science. Its Method and Results - That Science Tells us Little About Some Things, and That There are no Things About Which it Tells us Everything - That Science Can Give no Satisfactory Account of Mind - That Science Can Give no Satisfactory Account of Values - CONSTRUCTIVE: The Reality of the World of Value and Some Consequence.

 The Subjectivist Assertion that Values are Figments - That values are on the Contrary Real and Objective - That Values are Ultimate and Constitute the Rightful Objects of Human Desire - Some Account of the Evolution of Man's Knowledge of Value - Practical Conclusions in Ethics, Hedonism and its Refutation - Some Rules for the Right Conduct of Life - Practical Conclusions in Politics, State Absolutism, its Refutation and some Consequences - What makes a State Great?

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