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Design Museum: Design an Essential Introduction by Gareth Williams Official Design Museum publicationAn essential teaching tool packed full of key informationBeautifully illustrated and accessibly writtenPerfectly pitched for the academic/student market

 as well as for general readershipIn the UK creative art and design student numbers have grown by nearly a quarter since 2004, with around 175,000 studying each year throughout the countryGlobal appreciation of design is growing at an unprecedented rate with increasing numbers of international students from China, South Korea and Taiwan studying design in the USA and BritainThe Design Museum is an established and much trusted brand within design education and promotionDesign Museum: Design, an Essential Introduction is a highly illuminating primer that explores and explains the different aspects of design and the design process - from a design brief to the complete life-cycle of products. It introduces in clear and concise language the different materials and production methods available to contemporary designers, which allow them to transform their design ideas into better products. This useful handbook also covers other design-relevant topics such as ergonomics, Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacture and rapid prototyping and additionally features a number of fascinating design case studies.

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