Diary 1928-1957

Julien Green

الفكر والثقافة العامة

Diary 1928-1957 by Julien Green This is one of the great writer's spiritual biographies of our time. Of the diary, Francois Mauriac says: "It is unique in confessional literature and at all events the work of an inspired artist."Born of American parents in Paris,

 Julian Green became one of the most eminent of French men of letters, admired by men as diverse as Gide and Bernanos. He went to school in France, studied at the University of Virginia and spent the war years in the United States. His dual cultural background was enriched still further by his conversion to Catholicism, grafted on to a Puritan heritage.Vibrating to the unseen and unspoken as much as to surface reality, Julian Green has recorded his obsession with sin, his hope in grace. Whether recounting his friendship with Gide, his impression of America in war time, the moods and views of the South, or his love for Paris, here is a writer with genuine power struggling to reconcile modern man's spiritual and emotional life.

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