Each Man in His Darkness

Julien Green

الفكر والثقافة العامة

Each Man in His Darkness par Julien Green The story begins with the arrival of a young man at a small country station in the United States of America. As his origins are poor, his relatives only send a rude young coachman in a cart to fetch him and take

 him to his dying uncle's opulent home in Virginia. On the way, he loses a glove: an act of defiance which destiny is there to meet.Two principle themes are the problems of Christianity and homosexuality. The characters in this book all struggle with their emotions, their sensuality, their age, their appearance, their faith and their emptiness in the earthly night which flares up at the end of the book, as if the door opened by death allows in the hope of resurrection.This novel describes the journey of a soul which hides, which tears itself apart and saves itself, an éducation sentimentale in which the heart is the final arbiter when it understands that love is not just a question of sex.The background is America - landscapes, big cities and New York, where the author confuses his memories and dreams.

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