Fun with Maths and Physics

Yakov Perelman

الفيزياء والعلوم الحديثة

Fun with Maths and Physics : Brain Teasers Tricks Illusions by Yakov Perelman..Brain Teasers, Tricks, Illusions In 1913, in Russian bookshops, appeared a book by the outstanding educationist Yakov Isidorovich Perelman entitled Physics for Entertainment. It struck the fancy of the young who found in it the answers to many of the questions that interested them. Physics for Entertainment not only had an interesting layout, it was also immensely instructive.

In the preface to the 11th Russian edition Perelman wrote: "The main objective of Physics for Entertainment is to arouse the activity of scientific imagination, to teach the reader to think in the spirit of the science of physics and to create in his mind a wide variety of associations of physical knowledge with the widely differing facts of life, with all that he normally comes in contact with." Physics for Entertainment was a best seller.

About the Author
Ya. I. Perelman was born in 1882 in the town of Byelostok (now in Poland). In 1909 he obtained a diploma of forester from the St. Petersburg Forestry Institute. After the success of Physics for Entertainment Perelman set out to produce other books, in which he showed himself to be an imaginative popularizer of science. Especially popular were :

* Arithmetic for Entertainment
* Mechanics for Entertainment
* Geometry for Entertainment
* Astronomy for Entertainment
* Lively Mathematics
* Physics Everywhere
* Tricks and Amusements

Today these books are known to every educated person in the Soviet Union. He has also written several books on interplanetary travel {Interplanetary Jour-neys, On a Rocket to Stars, World Expanses, etc.). The great scientist K. E. Tsiolkovsky thought highly of the talent and creative genius of Perelman. He wrote of him in the preface to Interplanetary Journeys: "The author has long been known by his popular, witty and quite scientific works on physics, astronomy and mathematics, which are moreover written in a marvelous language and are very readable."
Perelman has also authored a number of textbooks and articles in Soviet popular science magazines.
In addition to his educational, scientific and literary activities, he has also devoted much time to editing. So he was the editor of the magazines Nature and People and In the Workshop of Nature. Perelman died on March 16, 1942, in Leningrad. Many generations of readers have enjoyed Perelman's fascinating books, and they will undoubtedly be of interest for generations to come.

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