Histoire de Ma Vie, Vol. 3

Histoire de Ma Vie, Vol. 3

George Sand

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Histoire de Ma Vie, Vol. 3 par George Sand At the dawn of her life - she was 15 - George Sand began what was to be, 20 years later, her monumental Histoire de ma Vie. The present edition in 10 volumes is the original text as it was published by Victor

 Lecou and cadot in 1854-1855. Of course George Sand didn't say, wouldn't say everything: there are omissions, untold episode, mistakes...let alone lies. But even her extravagances are not devoid of charm. A century and a half later we can still fully enjoy her immense pleasure at writing, together with the love she showed for her characters...and above all, herself. Each volume is enriched with color illustrations of the time and prefaces by the most prominent specialists worldwide. The book covers were designed by Christiane Sand.

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