One-Act Comedies of Molière



One-Act Comedies of Molière par Molière These are the best of Moliere's masterful one-acts, blending broad farce and pointed wit to express his never-ending delight in human foibles. But Moliere is more than just the "master of the laugh," for

 behind the comic gestures of these matchless rogues, tight-fisted masters, possessive lovers and elegant ladies lurk fears, insecurities and their consequences. Includes: The Jealous Husband, The Flying Doctor, Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed, The Imaginary Cuckold, The Rehearsal at Versailles, The Forced Marriage, The Seductive Mistress.Contents:- Bermel, A. Introduction: Fears into laughs.- The jealous husband.- The flying doctor.- Two precious maidens ridiculed.- Sganarelle, or the imaginary cuckold.- The rehearsal at Versailles.- The forced marriage.- The seductive countess.- Molière's life and works: a chronological summary.

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