problems of contemporary art - herbert read

problems of contemporary art - herbert read

Herbert Read

الفكر والثقافة العامة

problems of contemporary art - herbert read: the grass roots of art by Herbert Read "Earlier editions of this book (not identical with one another) were published in New York (Wittenborn, Schulz, Inc.) in 1946 and in London (Lindsay Drummond, Ltd.) in

 1947. The present edition has been revised and expanded by the addition of two lectures. Four of the lectures were given as the Woodward and Trowbridge Memorial Lectures at Yale University in the Spring of 1946 (Nos. II, III, V and VII). The fourth lecture was an Annual Foundation Lecture delivered at Bretton Hall, Wakefield, at the invitation of the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire Education Committee in May, 1953. The sixth lecture was delivered to the Town and Country Planning Association, London, 1943. Great art, or the great culture of which art may be a part, comes spontaneously into being, but only when the conditions necessary for its creation are present. In The Grass Roots of Art, Herbert Read is concerned with the character of the seed bed that must be prepared, with the nature of the educational, social, and economic soil needed if art is to spring up at the grass roots of a living society.The challenging questions posed by The Grass Roots of Art in such chapters as "The Roots of the Artist," "The Social Basis of Great Architecture," "The Decentralization of Art," and "Towards a Duplex Civilization," acquire greater urgency when one realizes that modern cultures- unlike those of Greece, Rome, or Renaissance Italy- are less responsive and accessible to that basic integration of individual talents and cultural objectives which lie at the basis of any great artistic movement."

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