The Barrytown Trilogy

Roddy Doyle


The Barrytown Trilogy: The Commitments / The Snapper / The Van by Roddy Doyle..Roddy Doyle's winning trio of comic novels depicting the daily life and times of the Rabbitte family in working-class Dublin. The Commitments Still one of the freshest and funniest rock 'n' roll novels ever written, Doyle's first book portrays a group of aspiring musicians on a mission: to bring soul to Dublin.

The Snapper
Doyle's sparkling second novel observes the progression of twenty-year-old Sharon's pregnancy and its impact on the Rabbitte family - especially on her father, Jimmy Sr - with with, candor, and surprising authenticity.

The Van
Set during the heady days of Ireland's brief, euphoric triumphs in the 1990 World Cup, this Booker Prize nominee is a tender and hilarious tale of male friendship, midlife crisis, and family life.

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