The Collected Short Stories of Maxim Gorky

Maxim Gorky

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The Collected Short Stories of Maxim Gorky by Maxim Gorky..Maxim Gorky continues to be regarded as the greatest literary representative of revolutionary Russia. Born of the people, and having experienced in his own person their sufferings and their misery, he was enabled by his extraordinary genius to voice their grievances and their aspirations for a better life as no academic could.

 His international fame rests on a tremendous literary output, including the powerful play "The Lower Depths," the monumental novel of the 1905 Russian Revolution, "Mother," his vital Autobiography and, of course, his short stories. This edition of "The Collected Short Stories of Maxim Gorky" includes his benchmark masterpieces "Creatures That Once Were Men" and "Twenty-Six Men and a Girl" as well as "Chelkash and My Fellow-Traveller" among many others. The collection represents the very best of Gorky's genius.

For this edition the renowned scholar and author Frederic Ewen has written a penetrating new introduction evaluating Gorky's place in the world's literary pantheon. 

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