The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution

John Gray

الفكر والثقافة العامة

"The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution "addresses the unique needs of men and women. With great insight and vision, John Gray examines the different emotional issues that govern mood, motivation, and passion in men and women. He goes on to explore how men and women lose weight differently and provides effective tools to eliminate addictions and food cravings.
The program focuses on:
- Relationship and communication issues that affect hormonal and brain chemistry balance
- Nutritional supplementation for increasing physical, mental, and emotional well-being
- Gender-specific diet, nutrition, and weight management
- Essential physical exercises for stimulating the lymph system, endocrine system, cerebral spinal fluid, and brain system
- Stress and mood management for a longer, healthier, and happier life
John Gray has been working with specialists for the last thirty years to develop this program, which he designed to be effortless and adaptable to any lifestyle. By applying "The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution," you will create the brain chemistry of health, happiness, and lasting romance


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