Valleys of Song

Gareth Williams

الفكر والثقافة العامة

Valleys of Song: Music and Society in Wales 1840 - 1914 by Gareth Williams  Like all clichés, Wales as 'the Land of Song' has a solid basis in historical fact. Welsh choral singing was a form of popular culture in the nineteenth century. Crowds followed the c

 choirs in even greater numbers than in football matches, and Eisteddfod competitions frequently became 'choral bull-fights' where keenly honed rivalries spilled over into betting, missile throwing, assaults on adjudicators and general violence. This is the story of Wales as the 'the Land of Song' as it has never been told before - colourful, dramatic and uplifting. Vividly written in a lucid style by an accomplished social and cultural historian, this is a celebration of the land of song in its hey-day that will appeal to a wide audience

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